Car booking apps, Road safety & driver training

Every one of us seems to be oneself, but if we ponder, all of us are interlinked with several relationship bonds around us. In our daily routines, we have to commute for one reason or the other. Through all means, we want to return to our loved ones safe and sound. These days cab booking apps in Pakistan are a hot trend for traveling.


Car booking apps! passenger safety procedures?

To maintain the safety measures the drivers need to be well trained, you heard, means well trained in all major and minor aspects of driving. Recently, many of us have read the news and reviews about the problems faced by the passengers traveling in-app based service providers that were caused due to incapable drivers. This incapability belongs to the services providers who are randomly onboarding drivers with no or inappropriate training.
If we go into more detail, we come to know that how disconcerting is to travel with an untrained driver. These drivers don’t have the full command over the app features. Consequently, they keep on using the mobile phone carrying the passengers on the roads fully loaded with other transports.

The phone activity during the ride continuously distracts their focus from driving accurately and raises the chances of road accidents.

Drivers don’t really understand google maps



According to the recent researches, as the drivers are inefficient in executing the trip procedure. They get engaged in using the device. In addition to this, they are not fully aware to GPS. They follow voice instructions, which lead to a rise in miles ultimately making a burden on passenger’s pocket. Besides this, the navigation shows destination 20 meters prior to the real search spot. This situation also creates a chaos and you have to make extra confirmation calls to sort out this mess. Isn’t it a hassle?? Yes, it is certainly.

What makes car booking apps more secure!


The next very important thing is Mobile Device Holder. We can’t  deny the importance of this gadget.
Now, the question arises in mind, which service should we rely on if all service providers are overlooking these crucial issues? no need to worry; we are here to resolve. Woo Ride Pakistan is keenly focusing on the problematic areas faced by users. We care for you beyond limits and ensure all safety measure for your safety. Woo Ride Pakistan provides you the skilled drivers and conduct learning sessions on regular basis. Our car fleet is installed with device holder. Along with this, you will experience an ambiguity-free ride with our well aware drivers of the routes and app features. We are developed to be your first choice!!