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Protect yourself from unfair billing by transport apps in Pakistan

In the current era we always have long wish-lists, and eventually our budgets get short. How to tackle this crucial dilemma? what we need to do is to have a smart check on our spending parameters. Along with this, we also need to keep an eye on each penny moving from our wallets for any service provided by transport apps in Pakistan.

to others accounts, which is indeed our basic right to know on prior basis.

How can you protect yourself from unfair billing by transport apps in Pakistan?

While speculation on this matter, a thought hits our minds that one of the major spending areas today is hiring transport apps in Pakistan.

In relevance to this, we passed through an online research about the currently faced issue that is unfair billing by transport apps in Pakistan.

Many among us have started using their services on and off and focused on the ease with which we are getting a cab in just few clicks, whereas on the other hand we have been overpaying against their services that is revealed shockingly at the last moment.

But with the passage of time, we got used to it and came out of excitement of experiencing something newly launched in Pakistan. We started realizing that undisclosed charges, transforms the phenomena of wonderful trip to a hell journey. Whenever you book a ride there is no estimated bill shown. As a result, during a trip, “The Hidden Bill” phobia captured our whole attention instead of the main purpose.

Unfair billing spoils mood & heavy on wallets!

Though we admit or try to pretend to be fine. In fact this spoils mood immediately and somehow leads to affect the budgets as well. Another thing worth mentioning here is credit card payments authorization. Many users have experienced the same situation. When you pay from credit card the same transaction is being repeated more or less five times, that’s intolerable for everyone.

Why would I ever want to involve in such fussy things?

In return using these transport apps in Pakistan. It wasn’t once or twice. It kept happening several times and is very disappointing. The purpose to bring this into the words is to let you know to avoid tricky ways and choose wisely. It’s your right to know before you pay, and it shouldn’t be undisclosed anyway. Believe in what you can see and stop being fooled.

Need a Solution??

Woo Ride Pakistan brings you the solution with convenience. Now take the charge in your own hands. We are the only transport app in Pakistan introducing transparent billing before you book. Go ahead and download the app by yourself and check our fare menu from your Woo ride mobile app & know exactly before you pay.

Pink Ride Pakistan

Pink Ride Pakistan, Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Right People for the Right Job at the Right Time!

Pink Ride Pakistan is now launched

The Pakistani people are much concerned and over protective for their kids and especially female family members. They do their best in providing them with a safe environment. But despite their utmost efforts they seem helpless when it comes to the transportation services. They avoid sending their loved ones alone in a male driven taxi. As a result the agony of unpleasant wait faced especially by the female commuter for the public transport leaves her with a sense of insecurity. But ultimately she has to move out in scorching summers and piercing winters and the kids have to go to their respective institutions in any case.

All this leads to an indirect worrying impact on the lives of the people at home. So how about having right people for the right job at the right time which can at least take this tension away. It means female taxi drivers of the Pink Ride Pakistan for the female commuters and the young kids at the time when trust is lacking between the commuter and the driver.

Based on the service milestone set by Woo Ride Pakistan, Pink ride is a great facility for female commuters. By just clicking the mobile phone app Pink Ride female professional drivers are available at the doorstep.  It offers comfortable and on time travel experience. The fare is reasonable enough and does not burden the pocket. It is safe and secure not only for the female commuters but for the female drivers also. The misconception that only males can drive a taxi has long been prevailing in the society.

Pink ride Pakistan is all set to remove work barriers for the females in this field. Pink ride Pakistan is about empowering the work potential of women with reasonable monetary benefits. Having state of the art technology it is an independent investment opportunity for women entrepreneurs ensuring success and growth. They can have their own car turn into a cash machine. Be the employee and the employer simultaneously.  It is as simple as it seems. Plan shopping, pick a passenger, drop her at the same destination, get the service CASH and here she goes!

Pink Ride provides round the clock dedicated support for the privacy of the vehicle owner, driver and the passenger. Whether it is picking kids from the school or dropping the daughter at her friend’s party, the preference of choosing a female driven taxi by Pink Ride will certainly become the only choice. Give it a try!